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Servizi Matrimoni in Maremma

The Convento di Montepozzali is an old monastery dating back to the 12th century immersed in the enchanting natural landscape of Maremma in Tuscany.

It has been completely restored and refurbished and is now a perfect setting for weddings, special celebrations and events in a serene and luxurious atmosphere.

The rooms within the old monastery and the natural scenery of the surrounding hills offer endless little corners of paradise befitting your Special Events.

The uniqueness of every event.
The natural choreography that surrounds the Old Convent will bathe every event in an exclusive display of lights and colours, inspiring feelings that will be hard to forget.

Our scrupulous and refined staff will take care of every small detail to make your day a truly special one. You will be able look after your guests serenely while enjoying the peace of mind you were seeking.

The Convento di Monte Pozzali also offers you and your guests the opportunity to stay in our exclusive apartments. Each apartment is elegantly furnished, fully equipped with all modern comforts and has exclusive features specifically designed for a pleasant and relaxing stay.

The convent’s Restaurant is specialized in serving menus suited to weddings and special events- each menu caters to the specific needs of individual clients.

The care with which the dishes are prepared is always matched to the special atmosphere specifically created to make the most of the indoor and outdoor settings.

The characteristic internal room has architectural features dating back to the 12th century with medieval vaulted ceilings. Its beauty will no doubt leave your guests without words.

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