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Tuscany Bike Resort in Maremma

Country Resort Antico Convento di Montepozzali

Tuscany Bike Tours

Maremma offers a scenic destination for bike lovers; it is the perfect place to have your vacation, situated between hills that are covered by vineyards, olives and a coastline with fine sandy and rocky beaches. Vacation here will offer you fascinating experience with pure nature, medieval towns, and picturesque views.

Bike routes in Maremma have been made to help you explore this beautiful nature’s gift on your bike. In Montepozzali we aim for you to have the best vacation of your life, we have beautifully made rooms to cater for all your vacation needs and still offer you a chance to choose based on your preference. It is strategically positioned making it suitable for all vacationers.

You choose whether to come with your own bike or rent one from the facilities offered. All bikes are available including road bikes, mountain bikes, and electric bikes. This range of bikes makes its appropriate place for the whole family and vacationers of all ages.
We have deals to help you explore the magic presented by this fascinating place, a tour for two to four people for 189 euros per person for four days inclusive of two city bikes with helmets, a map, three bike routes, and phone support.

Electric bikes are bikes fitted with compact electric motors, this means that it is easier to peddle than a normal bike. They are different, with assistance levels of 50% to 250%. They offer you the choice on whether you simply want to enjoy an active and challenging ride or take it easy and use peddle assist and just enjoy the ride viewing the fascinating view along bike routes in Maremma.

Mountain bikes are bikes that were originally designed to traverse mountainous terrain or off road cycling it is enhanced with features to improve performance and durability in tough terrain. Cycling on bike routes in Maremma, a mountain bike will come in handy, it is of great help when it comes to uphill peddling. it all depends on your preferences.
Road bikes, these are the common bikes made and designed for normal cycling along paved surfaces like walkways and roads in Maremma, not all trails are paved this is not very good for your road bike. If you decide to use your road bike here it will be necessary that you avoid rough trails.

Tuscany Bike Resort in Maremma - Montepozzali

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