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Our new products, according to the company philosophy that has always aimed at excellence in the quality of raw materials and service, came to complement our extra virgin olive oil so appreciated over the years that it pushed us to this gustatory “upgrade”.

The typical ingredients of our uncontaminated territory of Maremma are the basis, the experience of our Chef and the attention to the excellence of the result have done the rest.

For those who do not want to give up the pleasure of good and healthy Maremma cuisine even in this period, we have developed a selection of delicacies together with our Chef, prepared only with genuine and healthy ingredients that will awaken your senses.

The Convent of Montepozzali has always produced one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the area, while the excellence of our cuisine was awarded in the Contest “Best in Maremma 2020” which saw us awarded as the best restaurant in Maremma.

From appetizer to dessert, the Convent comes to your home.

Olio Extravergine di Oliva - Il Convento di Monte Pozzali

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The exceptional quality of our oil, the result of hand-picked olives from our centuries-old trees, depends on the morphological characteristics of the soil, the exposure and the variety of local olives (Frantoio, Moraiola, Leccina and Olivastra). The constant attention to the pruning of the plants, the treatment of the olives and the respect for the environment ensure that the Convent oil excels in genuineness quality. The oil, golden yellow with green reflections, has a delicately fruity taste tending to sweet: excellent for bruschetta and any type of condiment.

Soft orange jam

The Jam, the one with a capital M… Exceptional texture and taste, only with genuine ingredients and without any preservatives

Vegetable “Giardiniera”

Excellent to accompany appetizers or main courses with notes of Maremma colors and flavors of our uncontaminated lands. It is also an excellent complement to an aperitif

Tomato sauce

The simplicity of the healthy cuisine of yesteryear is reborn with the Chef’s tomato sauce, with that touch of mastery that makes the difference, only with excellent quality raw materials and without adding preservatives, to make every dish special

White “Cinta Senese ragù”

The King of Maremma ragù, a condiment born in the most authentic part of Tuscany, still today largely untouched, only with local ingredients to make you feel in Maremma, even hundreds of kilometers away

Salsa di pomodoro, Giardiniera, Confettura di Arance, Ragù Bianco di Cinta Senese - Il Convento di Monte Pozzali
Cantucci e Brutti ma buoni - Il Convento di Monte Pozzali


The classic Tuscan dessert with slow processing and double cooking, which goes well with raisins wine (like Passito or Vin Santo) but also excellent only as a simple and genuine dessert. The scent and fragrance of our cantucci are inimitable.

Ugly but good (Brutti ma Buoni)

The name says it, but if aesthetics are not their strong point, this creation by our chef is unmatched in terms of goodness. A joy for the palate.
The hardest thing is to eat just one.

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