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Antico Convento di Montepozzali



The Convento di Montepozzali is inserted in a territory, the Maremma, still largely uncontaminated, very varied and in balance between green woods, vineyards and olive groves, the salty waters of the sea and the sweet waters of the rivers and lakes that flow into the area neighboring sea. This incredible environmental variety gives life to a unique ecosystem both from the point of view of flora and fauna.

With the aim of actively contributing to preserve the territory and environmental biodiversity, Il Convento di Montepozzali has launched a policy and a process of sustainability of the hospitality and catering experience to allow our guests, present and future, to fully enjoy of all that our wonderful territory has to offer while respecting its fragility.

By sharing our commitment with you, we hope to receive your help, which is essential for us, in this commitment that we feel is very important.
The implementation of eco-sustainable technologies here in Montepozzali began 12 years ago with the installation of our photovoltaic system that returns electricity to us from the Sun, then year after year with the reconversion of the lighting using high-performance LEDs and continues today. actively with the installation of two columns for fast charging of electric cars that serve four parking spaces reserved for electric cars. In the future, the commitment will continue with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of our structure on the ecosystem that hosts it.

charging stations for electric cars

Eco-sustainable Technologies

Our staff is committed to implementing some good practices to reduce the use and waste of resources

Our staff is committed to implementing some good practices to reduce the use and waste of resources and improve the quality of the environment in which we welcome you. With this in mind, some important actions have already been taken, which have as objectives:
• reducing the impact of transport with the installation of charging stations for electric cars;
• the promotion and enhancement of our ecosystem through Bike routes, to discover the area, from the woods to the lake and to the sea;
• the reduction in the use of resources through continuous monitoring of water, electricity and gas consumption;
• a rational and careful management of purchases in favor of resource control and analysis;
• offering our guests organic and selected products both at our restaurant and at the breakfast buffet;
• the involvement of guests in the awareness process, especially with regard to water saving.

We are sure that you will appreciate our efforts and will actively contribute to the protection of our territory, a heritage of all of us.

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