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The Natural Park of Maremma Tuscany Holidays

Country Resort Antico Convento di Montepozzali

The Natural Park of Maremma

Maremma Cosa Vedere - Antico Convento di montepozzali

The Natural Park of Maremma is a territory with unique charm where the wildlife lives with the home environment that man has been able to carve through the centuries.

A delicate dynamic balance extremely caring about the conservation of its own biodiversity.

Ideal to visit at any time of the year, the park has an incredible variety of natural environments: from the sea, to the hills, to the countryside.

An excursion to the Natural Park of Maremma is a magical experience for children and adults. The possible paths are almost infinite on foot or by bicycle and on horseback.
You can take part to guided tours or venture into exploration of the area autonomously after recovering a map of the park from one of the visitor centers available to tourists.

Among the natural riches to be discovered, there are caves, sandy coves hidden by vegetation, centuries-old forests, clear lakes and marshy areas close to the rivers. A real paradise for those who love contact with nature and want to see the animals in their natural habitat.

Going up to the top of hills or promontories along the coast you also have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking scenery and visit some of the many coastal towers that were once used to control and defend the territory.

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