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Massa Marittima Tuscany Holidays

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Massa Marittima

Massa Marittima, the ‘City of Museums’, is a very attractive town situated on a hill in Tuscany.

Massa Marittima is a town of great tourist interest due to its unique artistic and historical heritage, preserved in numerous museums and, of course, given the geographical position, beautiful and magnificent landscape of the Maremma Tuscany.

It has received the Italian Orange Flag award for sustainable tourism. A visit to Massa Marittima revolves around Piazza Garibaldi, from which the old routes through which you explore the old city radiate in all directions.

In the Piazza Garibaldi certain buildings stand out for their elegance, including the Counts of Biserno Palace (XIII century), Palazzo Comunale and Praetorian Palace, the seat of the museums.

In the vicinity of the Square are the 13th century Public Fountain, the ‘Palace of Plenty’, the ancient Mint and the Church of San Michele. Head along Via Roma to Porta Senese and Silici Gate, beyond which more interesting buildings can be seen: the Fortezza Senese and the Tower of the Candle; while in Piazza Matteotti some further buildings stand out, such as the Palazzo delle Armi ( XV century), the church of Saint Augustine (XIII century), with one nave and with a painting by Lorenzo Lippi (“The Flight into Egypt”), and finally, the Church of San Francesco.

Massa Marittima

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