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Food and Wine Holidays in Maremma

Antico Convento di Montepozzali

Food and Wine of Maremma

Food and wine of Maremma is characterized by its simple origins, peasant. Everything that is served has a direct relationship with the land and with the seasons.

It is a kind of poor and genuine cuisine, but at the same time very tasty thanks to the use of many herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, chili and to the long cooking times of meats.

The highlight of the Maremma enogastronomy has always been the bread, rigorously unsalted, which is used in many recipes often along with fresh vegetables in season. Even the old bread is used and often replaces pasta in hot and cold soups made with spelled, legumes or vegetables.

Despite the many herds of cattle and sheep of the Maremma countryside, the meat used in traditional recipes is the wild boar, duck, pheasant, venison and other game found in forests on the hills and pine forests near the coast.

From farms come rather the many varieties of local cheeses, fresh and seasoned.

Each dish is accompanied by a bottle of red or white wine produced in the territory.

In this case, the possibilities are endless because each of the Maremma area boasts its own wine varieties and are all excellent.

The Maremma cuisine secret is that each recipe consists of a few simple ingredients but these are often combined with care creating tasty and healthy dishes.

Die Gastronomie in der Maremma

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